Book cover: Lulu Taylor - Heiresses - They were born to the scent of success. Now they stand to lose it all...


They were born to the scent of success. Now they stand to lose it all …

Fame, fashion and scandal, the Trevellyan heiresses are the height of success, glamour and style.

But when it comes to …

… WEALTH: Jemima’s indulgent lifestyle knows no limits; Tara’s one purpose in life, no matter the sacrifice, is to be financially independent of her family and husband; and Poppy wants to escape its trappings without losing the comfort their family money brings.

… LUST: Jemima’s obsession relieves the boredom of her marriage; while Tara’s seemingly ‘perfect’ life doesn’t allow for such indulgences; and Poppy, spoiled by attention and love throughout her life, has yet to expose herself to the thrill of really living and loving dangerously.

… FAMILY: it’s all they’ve ever known, and now the legacy of their parents, a vast and ailing perfume empire, has been left in their trust. But will they be able to turn their passion into profit? And in making a fresh start, can they face their family’s past?

From the extravagant escapades of London’s high society to the opulent elegance of the rural upper crust, this is an epic tale of wealth, greed and passion that catapults you straight into that ravishingly glamorous and utterly page-turning world of a true blockbuster.

It's cold, it's dark, you're more skint than you thought ever possible, so what's going to cheer you up? A racy novel about the life and loves of people who spend more in a weekend than you earn in a year, of course. Seriously, it may sound crazy, but nothing lifts the winter blues quite like a glam bonkbuster, and Heiresses is one of the highest pedigree. It follows the fortunes of the three Trevellyan sisters who are coming to terms with the financial mess they've been left in since their mother's death. You'll be instantly drawn into their world....Addictive, decadent and sexy, it'll easily see you through the depths of winter's most depressing month.

***** Heat