Book cover: Two girls. Two lives. One destiny. Outrageous Fortune - by Lulu Taylor. 'Bursting with greed, sex and money. Totally irrestible' Closer

Outrageous Fortune

Don’t take anything for granted. . . Everything can change in an instant. . .

Rich Girl
Daisy Dangerfield has been born to a life of pampered luxury. The apple of her father’s eye, she is groomed by him to take over the family’s property empire while she spends his money and socialises to her heart’s content.

Poor Girl
Chanelle Hughes has never had anything. Dragged up by an alcoholic mother on a run-down council estate, all she’s ever wanted was to escape.

But which is which?
When their lives are turned upside-down, their fortunes, too, change utterly. And while Daisy is devastated by her new circumstances, Chanelle decides she’ll do anything to get the security she craves.

Born on the same day, two girls whose lives could not be more different find that they have more in common than they could ever have imagined.

Gripping, scandalous and exciting, this story of reversals of fortune and the struggle for survival is set in a delicious world of glamour and intrigue…

The jewels shine bright, the glamour is completely envy-inducing, the labels are lustworthy and the sex scenes are guaranteed to make you blush. A brilliantly told old-school bonk-saga – hard to find nowadays.

5 stars, Heat (No 1 in Heat's Top 5 books section)