Welcome to my new website!

At last, it’s here. It’s been a while in the building, and I’m afraid my old one was sadly neglected in the meantime – in fact, it hasn’t been updated since The Winter Folly, which is somewhat shaming. But here it is, new and bright and, I hope, of interest to anyone who’s read and enjoyed one of my novels. I hope you’ll find everything you’d like to know here but you can message me on Facebook or via Twitter if you’d like to ask anything specific. Click on the contact page if you’d like to do that.

This website has reached completion almost at the same time as my latest book, both more complicated than I anticipated when I started. The new book, The Snow Rose, is a dark tale and when I finished it, I needed a couple of days to recover. I’ll be writing a bit more about the process and what to expect from this book. In the meantime, I have just seen the final version of the cover, which is on this site – see the books page to take a look. It has a new take on the wintery covers of the previous book, with a fresh feel to it, and a dash more colour that I think is really attractive. Macmillan, my publishers, are brilliant at covers, as they are with just about everything else. I’m not just saying that, either…

I’m look forward to keeping these pages busy with news and information as it comes along, so please do call back to see what’s happening.