Publication Day for The Winter Secret!!


 The Winter Secret is published today, and I think it looks beautiful. I’m so proud of it! It’s been a difficult year, and writing this book was not easy. But I completely lost myself in the story and, in the end, it provided a wonderful escape to another place where I could walk through my characters’ lives and watch them living out their own story. The book is out today, and I really hope that if you find a copy, you enjoy it.

This book tells the story of Buttercup, the second wife of Charles Redmain, a wealthy businessman who adores her. Her life should be perfect – she has everything she could possibly want. But nothing is ever that neat. Buttercup has her own strugges and losses – and the first Mrs Redmain is disconcertingly close, living in a house just outside the gates of Charcombe Park, the grand house Charles has painstakingly restored and renewed. Buttercup doesn’t know Charles’s first wife, and she doesn’t want to. But why on earth would the other woman insist on living so close to her old home?

Inside the house is a portrait of its previous owner, the stunning Natalie Rowe, a movie star of the Golden Age whose break-out film, Delilah, is a classic. Natalie’s career never fulfilled its promise and she died here, leaving her daughter Xenia to live on in the crumbling mansion. Xenia still cannot leave – she has stayed nearby, still waiting as she promised she would. Will she ever be set free from her promise after all these years?

As Buttercup begins to test the limits of her life, we learn the story of the beautiful and tragic Natalie, her romantic marriage and her decline. And Xenia, the dutiful, loving daughter, tells her story of guilt and loyalty, lived inside the great house of Charcombe Park, which is about to surrender up its secrets…

‘Utterly compelling. A really excellent winter’s story’ Lucy Diamond